[Review/AAR] Haley Strategic Partner – D5 Handgun Course from a beginner’s point of view

This is my experience of the HSP D5 Handgun course as an individual who has only began shooting a handgun for ~3 months.

If only one thing:

If there is only one thing I could stress to those who are potentially interested in this course, it will be Haley3“don’t be intimidated”. Don’t be intimidated by your own lack of experience. Or, don’t be intimidated how much better the other students might be. I have only been shooting for 3 months by the time I attended the course. And at no point did the instructors or other students made it uncomfortable or intimidating for the less experienced in the class. If anything, everyone was ultra-encouraging and very willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

There are other sources on the internet where they would go through what happens in the course day-by-day, so I won’t go over that. (it will be listed at the end of this post)

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Exploring concealed carry

in a cast for 3 months

After I broke my dominant hand earlier this year, I began to strongly consider conceal carrying. I wanted to stack the odds in my favor as much as possible if I’m ever in physical danger.

There are a lot to consider before just going out to buy a gun, stick it in a cheap holster and start carrying. There are pros and cons to conceal carrying, and I’m not sure it is for me. So, I’m exploring.

I’m not going to argue on 2nd amendment and who should be allowed to carry. I am only setting boundaries for myself here. I will do the following to help myself make an informed decision:

  1. Obtain quality training in marksmanship and defensive tactics,
  2. Research all the legal and personal consequences
  3. Try this out with proper gear for an extended period of time.

I will cover my exploration in these 3 parts, training, legal/personal consequences consideration, and trying out.