What is this blog about?

I try to write about what I’m currently exploring (e.g.,EDCBJJ), and also write reviews on the gears and events/classes I have personal experience + research on.

What’s expx3? just a domain name I picked up that somewhat resembles ‘exp’loring/’exp’erience/’exp’eriment…

Learning skills instead of information.

The act of acquiring a new skill pushes me back to the bottom of being a beginner. It also allows me to immerse into a new thing (which comes with a new crowd of people; the biggest bonus), until a point where I’m approved by the community at large to stand on my own. At that point, I either choose to go for a high level of mastery, or start something new again.

Exploring and learning new skills (not just new information) allow me to continuously experience something novel. It gives me novel ideas to fine tune my life.

This lifestyle resembles the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”, which isn’t necessarily negative . The exposure comes with an appreciation for the many kinds of mastery in various fields, be it a sport, a craft, or a very niche type of research 🙂

In a sense, I try to master the process of learning.

Lastly, some facts about me:

  • I do science, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, likes pretty graphs, quite into watches, prefers manual cars, and appreciates quality equipment of all kind (especially those that comes with novel designs, practical breakthroughs, or superb craftsmanship).
  • Why penguins? See below…

Science penguin!

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