My goal to not fear being on the ground – Exploring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

It is true that we cannot always avoid all dangerous situation. However, we can stack the odds more in our favor as much as possible. I take that approach to self-defense (e.g., Krav Maga, conceal carrying). The likelihood of ever needing it is low, but do I want to have the tools and ability when the need ever arises? Hell yes.

The likelihood of me getting into a ground fight is quite low since I avoid getting into any fights. However, if it happens, would I want to have been training to be comfortable on the ground? Would I want to have a toolbox ready to solve the situation? Hell yes.

This brings me to my current exploration and new training goal in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I’ve always heard about BJJ. Its on MMA, and people tell you that is the best bet you have if you ever get into a ground fight. More than likely, someone would immediately counter the notion by saying how BJJ is not effective when there is multiple opponents, and you should avoid the ground at all cost. I’ve actually been on the latter side of the argument. However, the more I think about it logically, preparing for a ground fight is not for the sake of when I want to get into a ground fight, but more so, when I’m forced onto the ground.

Its cliché, but “the situation chooses you”.

So I took up the invitation of one of my Krav Maga instructor to try a BJJ class at a gym they train in. It was a Gi class for all levels of students. It was not easy to keep up, but it was immensely helpful to have the opportunity to roll (a.k.a. BJJ’s version of sparring) with new students, senior students, and the teacher himself. Although I had literally no experience and had no idea what I was doing, by the time I rolled with the 4th person, the feeling of having a person on top of you felt less “scary” and “weird”.

In small little steps, the ‘unknown’ is becoming a little bit more familiar. I hope to try a few more classes, and if scheduling permits, invest my time this year in getting comfortable and more confident on the ground.

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